Kate sits down with…Gracie Buntine

This episode I got to talk with international Pole star Gracie Buntine. I absolutely loved this interview! Gracie is a true dancer through & through, and it was wonderful to hear about her transition of being a commercial dancer, fighting her way to the front to be seen, to becoming a solo pole sensation! She … Continued

Setting the Table…Welcome!

Hi there! Welcome to The Artists’ Feast. Thank you for joining me and taking time out of your day to read this blog. I hope you find some great takeaways for yourself. The Artists’ Feast comes from my own passionate belief that you don’t have to be a ‘starving artist’ to live the creative life … Continued

Are you Starving or Stuffed?

Hooray for Hollywood! When you think of an artist (an actor, singer, writer, painter etc), there are generally two things that come to mind; the first is the ‘Hollywood’ life; glamourous, walking the red carpet, fancy cars, mansions, platinum albums, books being turned into movies, being interviewed by Oprah! Here comes another ‘Starving Artist’ The … Continued

Kate sits down with… Anthony De Masi

It was so great to sit down with Anthony De Masi (and Brian the bunny!!) to learn all about what it’s like being a full time magician! Anthony talks all about what it takes to make it as a full time performer; the sacrifices involved, maximizing your skillset and the importance of building a strong … Continued

Kate sits down with…Poppy Cherry

I got to sit down with the absolutely gorgeous Poppy Cherry of Maison Burlesque. We got to talk all about the rise of the Burlesque scene in Melbourne, her personal transformations as a performer, and the ups & downs of owning your own business (hint – it’s not all sequins and feather boas!).  One of my … Continued

Kate sits down with… Kate Lister

Welcome to the ‘Kate sits down with…’ series! This is the first of fortnightly of interviews with amazing creative professionals from so many different fields. First up is the gorgeous Kate Lister, an inspiring multi-passionate creative whose message about NEVER GIVING UP is something that almost every artist can relate to. Kate is an actor, … Continued

Goal setting guide

Today I’m sharing one of the most valuable resources for starting your professional or personal development. Download my Goal Setting Guide which will help you create and plan achievable goals to get you to where you want to be. Download my Goal Setting Guide

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